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SEO Services

The ability to search has changed how we buy our goods and services. By not showing on the front page of Google and other leading search engine directories, your business is missing out on a great deal of market share.

From years of advertising bombarding we have become blind to most forms of advertising, and the majorities of people turn the sound down on the television or fast forward the advertisements than actually watch them.

PPC advertising (pay per click) accounts for 22% of search traffic, SEO or organic listings account for 73% of all search traffic the left over5%ismadeupfrom (SEM) search engine marketing tactics.

Organic listings are perceived as leading companies within their market.

We can take your business to the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. More importantly, when you are the leading brand online we maintain your position.

Benefits of SEO

  • Help you in creating a brand and unique identity in web as well as in this global market.
  • Help you in Increasing in on-line traffic.
  • Have Continuous Visibility in search engines.
  • Most targeted and qualified website visitors.
  • Reducing your cost of on-line customer acquisition.
  • Cheapest Marketing tool for promoting your website.
  • Increase in the Revenue (Highest ROI).
  • Helps you in taking Competitive edge from yours competitors.
  • Higher web site conversion rates and more revenue or web leads through better keyword targeting.
  • Large audience and high engagement level.
  • Drives traffic to web site.

Tracking SEO
  • A summary of effort made in the month and results achieved.
  • Month on month tracking of organic traffic including a list of top performing keywords.
  • Visibility keywords report comparing the rankings of the clients site and its competitors.
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