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Pay Per Click

We offer a full-service display advertising campaign management service based on the Google Display Network. The service offers advertisers a hand off opportunity to tap into a huge ad space inventory of primarily text and display ads on web sites across the Web. The Display Network is a large network of web sites that have partnered with Google to contribute their ad inventory for the display of text and display ads from Google advertisers, using various ad placements and targeting technologies. The Display Network currently is reaching more than 80% of the global web users and serves more than six billion ad impressions each day to targeted audiences across hundreds of thousands of publishing partner web sites.

Campaign Management and Analysis

  • Daily monitoring of campaign performance (traffic, sales, cost per acquisition and return on investment), keyword evaluation and adjustment of non­performing ad groups on a monthly basis.
  • Ongoing monitoring of ad rankings, adjustment of ad group bid amounts (cost per click) within pre-set parameters to maintain the desired ad ranking positions.
  • Optimizing ad group bids for bid positions that yield the best return on pre-determined business objectives, e.g. Cost per Action (CPA), Profit Margin (PM) and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Monitoring of preset daily and monthly ad budgets.
  • Ongoing keyword research and expansion of the keyword base for contextually targeted campaigns.
  • Testing existing ads and, when necessary, create and write new compelling ads.
  • Creating and testing multiple (alternate) ads to improve average click-through rate, raise average ad position and decrease cost per click.
  • Live telephone consulting as needed to discuss recommendations and changes to the keyword set, bid amounts, bid positions, bid rules, ad run schedule, keyword matching options and changes to the daily ad budget.
  • Create monthly campaign performance and placement performance reports via email for monitoring of campaign results, including the number of impressions, click-through, lead and sales conversions, revenue and campaign cost. The Display Network campaign reports give customers complete insight into the performance of their advertising campaign.
  • Quarterly evaluation of the campaign strategy, competition, keyword fluctuations and forecasting of the upcoming quarter based on historical data along with seasonal market considerations.

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